Tampa Property Lawyer Often times, lightning strikes electrical units burning them out and creating a surge of power which burns everything that is connected to it.  This sometimes results in a devastating fire.

Although it is rare to get struck, lightning is a common occurrence in Florida (especially in Tampa Bay, home of the Tampa Bay Lightning). Even though a building may contain lightning rods or there may be a nearby higher metallic point, lightning does not always strike the highest point. Lightning can just easily strike lower lying objects or create an arc and strike multiple points or objects at simultaneously.

Commonly, lightning strikes mature trees, severing the branches allowing them to fall onto your home. The weight of the tree branches and force of the fall can easily tear large holes into your roof or even cause structural damage to the integrity of your home.

Just as commonly, lighting strikes overhanging electrical lines causing a surge of electricity to enter into your home and damage your electrical system, including everything connected to an outlet. Ultimately, you are left without any working appliances, air condition system, televisions and computers which are very expensive to replace.

Fortunately, damage caused by lightning is likely covered in your insurance policy, including all ensuing damage caused by the lightning. However, it is important to report to the claim quickly so that there is no question as to the cause of the damage.

Makris & Mullinax, P.A. is a Tampa Bay insurance claim law firm specializing in homeowners insurance claims and commercial property insurance claims, including lightning insurance claims. If you experienced damage to your home or business caused by lightning, please contact us promptly for help. If your insurance company is delaying your lighting claim, denied your lightning claim, or underpaid or low-balled your lightning claim, contact us today.