Protecting Your Property

Tampa Property Lawyer

Makris & Mullinax, P.A. is an insurance claim law firm that specializes in handling insurance claims for homeowners and property owners from beginning to end, including litigation. We believe in fighting for what is right even if that means standing up to the biggest insurance company and taking them to Court. We pride ourselves on our competitive spirit, work ethic, and ability to successfully resolve insurance claims to the satisfaction of our clients.

Because we focus our practice on such a niche, yet complex, area of the law, we are confident that we can provide you with competent representation with respect to your claim.

Typically, we only work on contingency which means that we only get paid if you do. Additionally, Florida law allows us to collect our fee directly from the insurance company in some circumstances. This allows you to maximize your recovery. Moreover, we typically advance all costs on your claim, and do not recover same until the claim is fully resolved to your satisfaction.

At Makris & Mullinax, P.A., we take on the risk of waiting to get paid and fronting all costs until you are satisfied with the resolution of your claim. We believe in our ability to recover for you what your claim is worth – usually not what your insurance company initially says it is worth.

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