TAMPA, Fla. – As Hurricane Irma, a record-breaking category five hurricane currently in the Caribbean, continues its westward track towards Florida, attorneys from Makris & Mullinax, P.A., a Florida law firm specializing in insurance claims, are encouraging home-owners to be prepared for damage that can occur and claims that may be necessary after the storm.

“While we hope the storm steers clear of Florida, the reality is that it looks more and more likely that our state will be impacted in some way,” said Dean Makris, an attorney and founding partner at Makris & Mullinax, P.A. “This information is something that every Florida homeowner should have and be prepared to deal with.”

According to Makris, while the insurance claims process should be easy to navigate, the process is often convoluted and difficult to deal with. Insurance companies have many exclusions, which allow them to deny or underpay claims to those that are underprepared.

In order for homeowners to be properly prepared, Makris & Mullinax have compiled the following checklist:


  1. Find your insurance policies (both homeowner and flood), and keep them safe and handy
  2. Take pictures of your property – inside and outside – especially areas most vulnerable to hurricane damage like roofs, ceilings and floors
  3. Prune dead tree branches
  4. Secure or move outdoor furniture inside, along with anything else that could become a projectile
  5. Create a barrier with sandbags to entrances if your property is prone to flooding


  1. Promptly notify your insurance company of the damages
  2. Document the damages with photographs
  3. Protect your property from further damage
  4. Prepare an itemized list of damaged personal property
  5. Do NOT discard damaged property
  6. Get a second opinion on your damages and the cost to repair
  7. Be wary if your insurance company asks you to sign anything
  8. Seek professional help should you need any help or have any questions

“Most importantly, we want everyone to be safe and to make sure they protect themselves and their loved ones first, before worrying about their property,” said Matt Mullinax, an attorney and founding partner at Makris & Mullinax, P.A. “Your property can be replaced, but you and your loved ones can’t.”

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